Commercial Licenses are simple add-ons. These are designed for for-profit individuals & organizations, such as artists, bands, musicians, VJs, clubs, record labels, touring groups, & production companies. Everything in the Standard License Agreement (above) still applies, but you can make money while you’re at it!

***FYI: Each Commercial License add-on is a ONE TIME flat fee that covers any of the content you purchase on our site. So the more you buy, the more you get your money out of it.

The LIVE EVENT/VJ LICENSE gives you permission to use our content in live settings, such as concerts, conferences, presentations, art installations, & any kind of live event production, so long as it’s not being professionally filmed for any kind of product or online viewing. (If it is being filmed, email us for a quote.)

It does NOT give you permission to show this content ONLINE in any way, shape or form. (Purchase a Social Media/Web License for that.)

Do not copy or share this content with anyone outside of your organization. This content is non-transferrable between organizations or individuals. Do not re-distribute or sell this content (whether ‘as is’ or modified) in any way whatsoever. And you cannot “sub-license” our content to any other band or organization through your own site or production company. If you are a production company, online service, or organization working with or on behalf of other artists & groups, you must purchase a separate commercial license for each of those artists.

These add-on commercial licenses are not intended for broadcast (TV/film) use.

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If you’re interested in using our content for TV, film, or any kind of large-scale broadcast, you will need a custom Broadcast license.

We issue Custom Commercial Licenses For Broadcast on a case-by-case basis. To request this type of license, send us an email at And we’ll hit you back with a quote.

In the email, be sure to include which content you are interested in using, a description of the project, scope of use, deadline, & budget. On most occasions, we can also provide the original non-color-graded (flat) version of the clip in D-LOG format at no additional cost. Please allow for a 24-48 hour reply on all requests. We’ll get to it as fast as we can. In most cases, we’ll be able to provide a very quick turnaround, but if we’re inside the cinder cone of a volcano in a country far, far away, it may take a few days. =)

We maintain the right to refuse any request without any explanation.

All licenses are worldwide & not specific to any country or nation.

ILLUMINATE US, INC. & Stephen Proctor retain the rights to all products sold or given away on this site. A license agreement simply grants you permission to use the products.

If you violate any of these terms listed above or use any of our visual content in an illegal way, then your license will be immediately revoked & you must terminate use & delete the content right away.

All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you have any questions, hit us up: